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2011-07-12 19:05:58 by Usernamemyarse


Well, ive been working as a camera crew for a local... erm... "Talent show"? here in norway, and god DAMMIT my feet is killing me.

to see some of the shit we did, check out: .php

this is a video archive of all the stuff that happened there, have fun!


Can you take the METAL!? HUH?

Art... -.-"

2010-01-31 09:26:20 by Usernamemyarse

Well, im thinking about uploading some more of my art-shtuff, but i know myself, it wont be good:P

Videogame Theme Remix!

2010-01-11 02:49:18 by Usernamemyarse

What? no, im not crazy, im just bored.

So, what i am working on is a remake/remix of the "Mirrors edge" theme (lisa mikovskys (?) Still alive), and yes, i have said that i would rather die then to make video game covers, but god dammit its MONDAY!

well dam...

2009-12-19 17:05:07 by Usernamemyarse

christmas... AGAIN?

i really need to start the giftshopping...

Mix up on youtube

2009-11-30 14:47:13 by Usernamemyarse

uploaded a remix of "93 Till Infinity" and Aretha Franklins "day Dreaming", do me a favor and check it out? PLZ?

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